(Not only) Google Analytics – Audit

As I had privelage to previously work in one of the biggest media house in Warsaw (capital of Poland) I was able to solve different analytical issues for different clients. For example:

The page is build based on Angular. It makes proper implementation of Google Analytics much harder because the referrer of the second pageview is the same as referrer from which a person came to the site. It screws data. Especially paid search brand traffic is considered as google organic traffic. The solution was to add a rule regarding referrer, so Google Analytics would receive proper data.


After test of the site it was clear that GTM was implemented in non-standard way in source code, which affected the data collection.


G2A Logo

Some time ago I finished working for media house and start working (B2B) for G2A.com. Here I found out that a few pages has a proper tag on it but the code wasn’t working. I found out it was because of too big package of data send.


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Sugestowo – proper implementation of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

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